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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Website Evaluation Checklist & Tools

Click on one of the links below to see if you can decide if it is for real:

How do you know? A way to know if your source of information is reliable is to check it for the following:






Currently no web standards exist to ensure accuracy.
  • Are there mistakes in spelling or word usage?
  • Is the info reliable and error-free?
  • Is there an editor or someone who verifies/checks the info?
Anyone can publish anything on the internet.
  • Who is the author? Is she an expert on the topic?
  • Does a reputable organization back this website?
  • Is there a link to more information about the author or sponsor?
  • What is the URL domain? The URL domain can provide information about the producer of the web site, and its purpose:
.gov = Government Agency
.net = Internet Service Provider
.com = Commercial Site
.edu = Higher education
.mil = Military Site
~ ("tilde") = Personal Site
.org = Organization; may be charitable, religious, or a lobbying group.
Other domains include: .museum, .info, .biz
View any web page as you would an infomercial on T.V. and ask yourself why it was written and for whom.
  • What is the purpose of the web site? Selling you something, informative, educational, entertaining, persuasive, personal, a joke/hoax?
  • Is the information factual or opinion?
  • Is the content bias? Is the bias hidden or clear? How does the bias impact the usefulness of the info?
  • Is there advertising on the page?
If information is outdated it may not be accurate.
  • When was the page last updated?
  • How current are the links? Do they work?
  • Is the info up-to-date or outdated?
You want to make sure a web site you find covers the information you are seeking.
  • How in-depth is the material? Does it cover enough for your topic?
  • Does the site contain original info or just links?
  • Is the material at this site useful and accurate, or is it doubtful and repetitious?

Web Evaluation Checklist
Created by Rosalyn Obando on March 27, 2012.

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