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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

How to Cite Your Sources

How to Cite Your Sources
"Works Cited," "Bibliography," "Cite your sources;" how ever your teacher is calling it, you want to be sure to write down the sources where you found your information for the project you are working on. There are many different ways of writing down your sources so ask your teacher how he or she would like your sources recorded. 
Here are the basic pieces of information you will most likely need to write down:*
If you found information from a . . . 
Author's Name. Title. Publisher. City. Copyright date.
Example: Gates, Doris. Lord of the Sky, Zeuz. Penguin Books. New York. 1982.
Author's name (if listed). Page title. Site title. Date posted or copyright (if listed). Date found. Electronic address.
Wayman, Erin. The Secrete's of Ancient Rome's Buildings. November 16, 2011. Found March 26, 2012.
Author's name (if listed). Entry title. Encyclopedia title. Edition (if given). Publication date.
Zeuz. World Book. 21st Edition. 2010.
More Resources on How to Cite Your Sources:
*Kemper, D., Sebranek, P., & Meyer, V. Write Source: a book for writing, thinking, and learning. Great Source Education Group. Wilmington, MA. 2009. (page 391).

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